Natural Antioxidant Water


The rain that falls incessantly on Sakurajima has, over hundreds of years, permeated the ground, and now holds natural antioxidants, germanium, and silica.

It is said that the cause of human aging and sickness is free radicals. As a result of joint research with the Institute for Agricultural Research at Kyūshū University, natural antioxidant water that, according to the ORAC scale, contains antioxidants equivalent to 10μM of Trolox per liter (directly from source) has been discovered. These antioxidants negate the negative effects of free radicals. In research conducted at the same university investigating a variety of natural and drinking waters from all over the world, this was the first discovery of such water in history.

This is amazing!『 Trolox 』

raindropAntioxidant power!10µM Trolox/ℓ(source)

Antioxidant power!10µM 『Trolox』/L(source)

Humans live by breathing air. Oxygen makes up 21% of air. Oxygen produces energy in the body by bonding with nutrients. Some portion of this oxygen is turned into free radicals, the effects of which include aging (wrinkles and blemishes), sickness, susceptibility to sunburn, and other harmful effects. "Trolox" has been confirmed to have free radical negating antioxidants that are equivalent to 10 μM of Trolox per liter (direct from source). This research at Kyūshū University is the first research in history to discover antioxidants in water from a natural source! Natural antioxidant water is recommended for all sorts of people, including those who are concerned about their health or interested in maintaining their beauty.

raindropExtremely soft!Hardness1.12

Extremely soft!Hardness1.12

"Trolox" has a hardness of 1.12mg. This is an order of magnitude lower than the hardness of 30-60mg seen in most natural water in Japan. As a result, even at room temperature, "Trolox" displays a mild, highly drinkable taste. People who have tasted "Trolox" often remark that it is "sweet," "mild," and "seems to melt in your mouth." This is characteristic of super soft waters. Furthermore, it can be safely consumed by babies and pets for whom soft water has been recommended.

raindropAlkaline Ionized Water that is good to your health

Alkaline Ionized Water
that is good to your health.

Surpassing typical natural waters, which have a pH of 7-8, alkali ion water has a pH of 9.7. This easy-to-drink water.
The springs in France's Lourdes and Germany's Nordenau are renowned all over the world for their curative properties. The waters at Nordenau have a redox potential of -420mV, which was thought impossible in nature.
The subsequently discovered Trolox, with -430mV of Redox potential, surpasses Nordenau as the most highly distinguished water in the world.

※A substance loses electrons is called “Oxidation”, and a substance gains electrons is called “Reduction”.
※Alkaline Ionized water that has Redox potential-200mv or above is known as Active hydrogen water. However, this theory is still in a study phase.

raindropNatural germanium hot spring water

Natural germanium hot spring water

Found in ginseng, germanium has been recognized by people concerned with beauty and health for its revitalizing and detoxifying properties.
The germanium contained in Trolox is naturally derived organic component so it is safe for human body. Trolox includes an amount of natural germanium more than 80 times the amount found in normal hot spring water.
Artificial germanium is acidic and bitter, while natural germanium hot spring water has a soft mouthfeel and is very drinkable.

[ Other hot spring components]

・Metasilicic acid 60mg/L - Known as a skin care hot spring component.
・Silica 48mg/L - A component helps generating collagen and will beutify the body from the inside out.

About the source


Approximately 22,000 years ago, there was a massive eruption from legendary Aira volcano, which appeared for only a month. The Tarumizu hot spring water that winds its way down from the peaks of Sakurajima and the Takakuma Mountains that are the inheritance of that legendary volcano was discovered a mere ten years ago.

This natural germanium hot spring water, Trolox, is bottled up for drinking exactly as it has been gushing forth since time immemorial, at 52°C and full of natural minerals.
It is naturally fit to be sold because the source is odorless and without extra flavors and has no hydrogen sulfide.

With pH value of 9.7, hardness of 1.12 which could be recognized as alkaline ionized water and with an amount of germanium that is perhaps 80 times that of normal hot spring water (7µg/L), the water is delivered to you just as it was produced.

Nutritional ingredient

per 100㎖

Calorie Sodium Protein Calcium Lipid
0kcal 5.3g 0g 0.04mg 0g
Potassium Carbohydrate Magnesium Silica Metasilicic acid
0.048mg 0g 0.003mg 4.8mg 6.3mg

Redox potential(Source):430mV、pH:9.7、Hardness:1.12



BOX:1 year
PET: 3year

Trolox is drawn up from 770m under the earth without coming into contact with the air, and it spends more than two hours at 85°, easily killing off any of the germs within.
Trolox also makes a point of retaining the constituent minerals of hot spring water.
The oxygen and carbon dioxide gas within the water are preserved. It does come at a price, but our production process maintains meticulous sanitary standards in order to deliver the benefits and delicious taste of Trolox to you. Through this process, Trolox will still taste just as good for a year, without any added preservatives. 
※PET bottles three years

[Recommended Storage Method]Please store away from direct sunlight.
[Important Information About Use]Please be sure to drink or use the water soon after opening.