Trolox comes in four different types of packaging, including a PET bottle and a box.

500㎖ PET

  • HK$21.3 /1 bottle
  • SG$4.8 /1 bottle

2ℓ PET

  • HK$46.7 /1 bottle
  • SG$8.8 /1 bottle

12ℓ BOX

  • HK$234 /1 box
  • SG$40 /1 box

20ℓ BOX

  • HK$360 /1 box
  • SG$60 /1 box

How to Open a Trolox Box

Used image of box type 1

1:Please remove the circular perforated area and lift the upper lid towards the front.

2:Now please pull out the cap.

Used image of box type 2

3:Set the cardboard into the groove in the cap portion to affix it. First,
hold the bottom portion of the cap and push the upper lid into it.

4:It's all set! Gently pull the ring on the cap to let the water flow.
When you release the ring, the water will stop.

Used image of box type 3